Judgment Entry

The judgment can be enforced once it has been entered. To start off with, the winner needs to serve the judgment, including notice of entry on the losing party. Take a look at some entry form samples. Once the judgment is served, the winner needs to file an Affidavit of Service in the issuing court. Look at the Way Legal Papers Are Delivered in the course of the case. The loser will be aware of the date the judgment was entered via the notice and it will also let the loser know the time to appeal has begun. The loser will get 30 days to begin the appeal process. Once a copy of the judgment is served by the winner along with the notice of entry, the winner and creditors can begin Collecting a Judgment against the losing party (debtor).

If your judgment is for money, interest will be added. When the judgment is being filled out, there will be a section for costs and disbursements. This section is to cover any costs such as expenses for serving papers. Make sure to bring receipts with you as proof of the costs.

Marcadis Singer PA has vast experience in both domesticating foreign judgments and collecting on judgments. As your creditor’s rights attorney, we are here to provide you with the legal guidance and support you need. We will write the judgment for you and enter it with the court clerk. Contact Marcadis Singer PA today to take back what is owed to you.

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