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Debt Collection Services

debt collection services

Fraudulent Conveyance Recovery

Florida has two separate and distinct statutes to assist creditors when a debtor has committed fraud.  If your debtor  transferred assets to third parties or otherwise hid assets that can be recovered to avoid paying what they owe, that’s likely fraud.  We can help.

Collection Attorney for Attorneys

Attorneys that have collection needs, either on behalf of their clients, or collection needs collecting fees from clients, have a working partner in Marcadis Singer.  Collection attorney for attorneys.

Commercial Collection Attorney

Businesses that owe your business, are the work of Marcadis Singer, PA.  We handle commercial debt collection accounts throughout the state of Florida.

Judgment Collection

Obtaining a judgment is generally far easier than turning that judgment into actual payment.  Aggressive representation, Marcadis Singer will collect that judgment.  Don’t end up with a piece of paper worth nothing, call.

Domestication of Foreign Judgment

You won a judgment from outside of Florida?  Making that enforceable and collectable in Florida requires domestication of a foreign judgment.  Marcadis Singer, PA can take care of this, and get you paid.

Attorney for Debt Collection Agencies

Once your agency has exhausted the remedies available, and you need to escalate to a debt collection attorney, call Marcadis Singer, PA.  We work with debt collection agencies, to get your client paid.

Bad Debt Purchases

Time to move that block of bad debt off your books, recover some, and write off the debt?  Marcadis Singer PA purchases bad debt in small to large blocks.

Retail Debt Collection

Marcadis Singer, PA collects debt from individuals.  Whether your matter is between you and another individual, or between your business or agency and an individual, rely on Marcadis Singer, PA to collect, and get you paid.

Insurance Subrogation

Marcadis Singer, PA has represented insurance companies in subrogation matters for decades.  Bring us your case, put us to work.

Vehicle Levy

Marcadis Singer, PA has been extremely successful in the levy process.  If your debt is secured with a vehicle, call Marcadis Singer PA to execute the repossession.

Offers and Demands for Judgment

With the reality of litigation looming near, settlement offers, when used strategically, can be very effective, and save the credit significant legal fees.  Rely on your Marcadis Singer, PA to know when it is best to settle, or best to push ahead with suit.

Debt Arbitration

Debt Arbitration uses third party arbitrators to attempt to forge an agreement for payment between creditor and debtor.  Mandatory arbitration Is often written into contracts, and can be an effective and inexpensive way to resolve a debt.  We will arbitrate your debt, have a debt collection attorney in your corner..

For new business, please call (813) 288-1881 Ext. 247

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