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Please note that contacting Marcadis Singer, PA via email does NOT create a client/attorney relationship.  Please use email for general questions, and avoid being specific about your needs.  We will follow up with you, and once a client, an email will be an acceptable way of corresponding.  An initial inquiry does NOT create a client/attorney relationship.   This email should NOT be used by debtors, as it is not monitored by the person assigned to your account.

How to Contact our Florida Debt Collection Attorneys

Marcadis Singer, PA

5104 South Westshore Blvd.

Tampa, Florida 33611

(888) 547-1881

(813) 288-1881

Existing Client Client Liason

Ext. 251

To Pay a Claim

Ext.  245

Marcadis Singer, PA is one of the states largest debt collection attorneys.  We welcome hearing from you, and assisting in collecting what you are owed.  When it comes to the collection of debt, experience and dedication is very important at a time when collection laws are changing, and in a state that tends to favor the debtor.  Marcadis Singer, PA are creditors rights attorneys.  We represent creditors of all kinds in the pursuit of getting paid what they are owed.


Florida Debt Collection Attorneys

One of Florida’s Largest Debt Collection Attorneys

The sooner you call, the more likely you are to recover that debt.

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