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Marcadis Singer PA are debt collection attorneys representing creditors across the state of Florida.  We appreciate that you have chosen to spend a few moments speaking to your experience with our firm.  It is our goal to serve our clients with respect and professionalism, and to reach the optimal outcome, in a minimum amount of time.

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  • Gil went beyond the call of duty taking care of us. Clients weren't paying their bills, we struggled, they called, we got paid. Just like it's supposed to be!

    Billal B. Avatar
    Billal B.

    Gil Singer is a very experienced and highly respected attorney in Central Florida. I have worked with him for over 10 years and he always figures out the fastest and least expensive way to solve my issue. Gil is very creative and thinks outside the box to solve problems. He never wastes my time and is enjoyable to work with. I highly recommend Gil Singer as one of Tampa’s finest attorneys.

    Harold O. Avatar
    Harold O.

    When your largest client declares bankruptcy Gil Singer & Ralph Marcadis have done a wonderful job for us. We pay our contractors before we get paid by our clients, creating a manageable cash flow squeeze, manageable until one of your largest clients stops paying! Call Them, They are Great

    Cynthia P. Avatar
    Cynthia P.

    Our bookkeeping firm often has small business clients on the brink of solvency over large receivables. We always refer them to Marcadis Singer, PA, and have never had a single client regret it.

    Wendi W. Avatar
    Wendi W.

    It's not often we do business in the states, however, a South Florida developer took advantage of some capital we invested, and then got caught up in litigation. It was a bit a gordian knot until Marcadis Singer got involved, and were able to retrieve most of what we had advanced. Thank You l, and regards to Amy. She's a bit of a bruiser, and knows how to get her way!

    Jens J. Avatar
    Jens J.

    Many thanks to Marcadis Singer, PA for their cooperation and partnership with our debt collection agency.

    Mark L. Avatar
    Mark L.

    AWESOME experience! Gil was able to take on a case we needed done right and fast. He and his team including Dawn, went to work and negotiated a deal we were happy to get. They got it done quickly for us as they said they would. Communication was awesome and it's nice to work with a firm that does EXACTLY what they say they will.

    Ty C. Avatar
    Ty C.

    When one of your larger clients doesn't pay contractors fees for an entire team and that team is on OUR payroll, there's only one law firm in Florida to call. Thanks Gil!

    Cynthia P. Avatar
    Cynthia P.
  • I spoke with Mr. Singer about collecting a Small Claims Judgment against a contractor that screwed me over. After explaining my situation he was quick to help me out, even though such a small claim (less than $2000) would not be lucrative for him. I feel it was just because it was the right thing to do. I would definitely use there office again!

    John S. Avatar
    John S.

    This place is a total scam. They try to collect debts you don't even owe. This place needs to be shut down.

    Steven H. Avatar
    Steven H.

    Gilbert Singer, Esq., is one of the most kindhearted attorneys I have ever dealt with. He was very informative, knowledgeable and thoughtful.He helped my daughter, Jessica, with a private matter with a mutual outcome for all parties involved. We highly recommend his services. Sincerely,Melissa Cruz and family

    abelardo c. Avatar
    abelardo c.

    A very knowledgeable law firm. Easy to work with. They gey Results!

    Gary K. Avatar
    Gary K.

    Scammers they buy old debts from 20 years ago and then garnish wages. No letters no phone call nothing. Biggest scam I have ever seen. They are so rude and won't evn talk tocyou with respect. SCAMMEDS

    Abby L. Avatar
    Abby L.

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Gil Singer since 1979 when he represented us in a collection case. We won that case due to his understanding of our law suit and was tenacious in getting our monies collected. I had another collection issue in 1985. After much thought I remember Gil and his level of success. I reached out to him once more. We won that case as well. Not only has he been my collection attorney but one of my best friends since then. He has always been there for me as well as for others outside of collection matters. Gil has been a pillar of our community always giving of his time and money. For anyone who needs assistance with collections, then your only choice in my opinion is to contact Gil at Marcadis & Singer.

    Dennis K. Avatar
    Dennis K.

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