Florida Debt Collection FAQ

I see lots of law firms advertised on the TV and on billboards. I’ve never heard of Marcadis Singer PA. Why should I call Marcadis Singer PA about my collection matter?

The partners of Marcadis Singer PA have practiced collection law in the State of Florida since 1984 and 1982. The focus of the firm is collections. All the attorneys, legal assistants, collectors are trained and experienced in handling your collection case in Florida. Marcadis Singer PA’s client base includes national financial institutions, insurance companies, both Florida and out of state businesses, and individual creditors.

My collection matter is in a small county in the Florida Panhandle. Does Marcadis Singer handle collection cases in the north part of the state?

As our web site says, Marcadis Singer handles collection matters all over the state of Florida. Our office is centrally located in Tampa and from there we have easy access to courts throughout the state of Florida, from Pensacola to Orlando to Key West. In many matters the courts permit our firm to appear by phone, and if not, we or our co-counsel will be there. Remember all our attorneys are members of The Florida Bar and are trained in collection law.

I am a small business operating outside the state of Florida and have a lot of outstanding account receivables from people who live in Florida, can you help me collect this money?

Marcadis Singer PA can help you collect your past due account receivables. We have a fully staffed collection department that utilizes the most advanced technology to locate your debtor and then to pursue the collection of your money. We have handled commercial legal collections throughout in the State of Florida, representing creditors in court from Jacksonville to St. Petersburg (Largo and Clearwater) to Miami, Key West, and Naples/Fort Myers since our beginning.

Any attorney you retain to handle your collection matter should know how to file wage and bank garnishments, how to levy on cars and business and how to do post judgment collections under the Florida Fraudulent Transfer Act. The Florida attorney should also be experienced and understand how to avoid the pitfalls and traps that are set forth in the Florida Statutes.

How much does Marcadis Singer PA charge to handle my Florida collection case?

Our fee agreement is designed to meet the client’s needs. Depending on the type of case, Marcadis Singer’s fee agreement can be based upon a per hour rate, or flat rate or contingent rate. The court costs of your collection case are the responsibility of the client. Call our Partner Gil Singer (ext 247) or Ralph Marcadis (ext 240) today to ask about your new case.

How successful are you in collecting?

For almost a quarter of a century, Marcadis Singer PA has concentrated on the practice of collection law in Florida. There is no way to give you a percent success rate as the success of each case depends on many factors including the age of the case, whether the corporate debtor is still in business, whether there is a guarantee, the age of the individual debtor, among other factors.

The success of Marcadis Singer can be measured by the longstanding client base which includes Banks, Insurance Companies, Small businesses and individuals, who have been and continue to be satisfied with our successful collection efforts. Everything in the firm is focused on successfully collecting for our client, their Florida Collection debt.

What we can do to make our Florida Collection cases more collectable.

Marcadis Singer is available to consult with our clients on the front end before your account goes delinquent, to review your applications, credit agreements and invoices to insure that the documents comply with Florida Law.

Why is Florida a state where it is harder to collect on a debt?

Most people hear that Florida is a “Debtor State”. What they mean is that it is generally more difficult to collect in Florida than in most states. The wage and bank garnishment laws in Florida are more restricted than in other states BUT WE CAN FILE GARNISHMENTS IN FLORIDA. Other limitations include the homestead exemption, which limits, in most circumstances, the levy of a home. Also, there are exemptions from levy on the property held by husband and wife, when the judgment is against only one spouse.

Florida Collection laws are challenging and difficult. That is why you need a Florida Lawyer who knows and works with the Florida collections laws on a daily basis.

If I call Marcadis Singer with a question about a collection matter in Florida who will I be speaking to?

If you have a new collection matter call Gil Singer (ext 247) or Ralph Marcadis (ext 240). If you have a question on a legal an existing matter email info@Marcadis Singer, PA.com.

I have an out of state Judgment and the defendant now lives in Florida, what can I do to collect?

If you have an out of state judgment, also known as a “foreign Judgment” (not foreign as in another country), we can collect that judgment in Florida. The local clerk of court would issue you an “exemplified judgment” or double sealed judgment. Under the Florida Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act, Florida Statute chapter 55, Marcadis Singer can file the exemplified judgment in the State of Florida, and, once domesticated, can begin collection activity.

For new business, please call (813) 288-1881 Ext. 247

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