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Despite any anger, bondholders will have a tough time proving fraud, Sears downfall is teaching many lessons on creditors right.
Commercial Collection Agencies of America has elected its new Board of Directors and has announced the slate of officers of the organization. Board members include...well you will just have to click the link to find out!   Congrats to all of you.
The CFPB has a significant impact on our consumer collections effort, and we are watching the new staff changes with interest.   We are always grateful to the InsideARM team for keeping us posted. #DebtCollectionAttorneyFL
U.S. housing starts did not turn out as expected in September, according to the latest release from the Census Bureau and Department of Housing and Urban Development.
our industry associations are hard at work educating the regulators that govern the collection industry.   Three cheers, this session highlighted the differences between commercial and consumer debt collection.   Keep on representing us!!
Commercial Collection Agencies of America recently announced that through its initiative, Commercial Collection Agencies of America Gives Back, a portion of the proceeds of its recently held meeting in Marina del Rey, California has been given to the Emily Stillman Foundation.
Break out the Crystal Ball.   9 predictions for the debt collection industry.  Overall, very insightful.  #DebtCollectionAttorneyFL
Does the Absolute Priority Rule still apply in individual bankruptcy?  An interesting article by Austin Creditors Rights Attorney, Stephen Sather.  If you got the short end of the stick after a debtor filed personal bankruptcy, Call us.
Someone elses misfortune could be your gain!  Tips on buying a foreclosed home.
Federal banking agencies find that risk in the portfolio of large syndicated bank loans has declined, due to improving conditions in most sectors. Despite the improvement, the dollar volume of loans rated below pass, as a percentage of total loans, remains elevated
Service Sector Growth hits 4 year high!  In keeping with A Rising Tide Raises All Ships heres hoping that this is yet another marker of our continuously improving economy.  A good economy means that old debts that were uncollectable, might be collectible again!
A Buffalo debt collection operation was slapped with a suit by the New York Attorney GeneralsOffice for posing as attorneys.  Fake attorneys harm the reputation of our industry which puts so much back into the economy... if true... SHAME.
If you have ever been a creditor concerned about a debtor not paying debts as they become due or paying other creditors while ignoring yourbills here is what to consider when forcing a debtor into involuntary bankruptcy
After a string of solid results in NACMs Credit Managers Index (CMI) starting this past spring, the predictive index is at its worst output since April. The October CMI reading dropped nearly two points to 54.5 from 56.4 in September.
Gil is a longtime friend. Always a pleasure. — with Andrew Warren and Gil Singer from Carla Snavelys FB Page.
Judicial Luncheon/CLE:

The Path to the Bench: An Honorable Pursuit -
Appointed vs. Elected

• Judge Cynthia Oster, 13th Judicial Circuit,
County Civil, Division L, Division F
• Judge Robin Fuson, 13th Judicial Circuit,
Domestic Relations/Family Law
• Mark Proctor, MPA Consulting Inc.
• Gil Singer, Marcadis Singer PA

Moderator: Carter Andersen, Bush Ross

CLE Credits: 1.5 (applied for)

When: Wednesday, February 27, 12 - 1:30 p.m.
Where: Chester H. Ferguson Law Center 
Cost: $40 for members, $70 for non-members,
$30 for government, student and affiliate members

Click here to register.
Who would have thought, after the big news around Toys R Uss bankruptcy, now it looks like they will be able to work their way out of bankruptcy!  Regardless of the pros and cons, it is good to see an established brand continue to fight in the modern economy!
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Commercial Collection Guidebook

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Finding Hidden Assets – Corporate Property

Finding Hidden Assets – Corporate Property

Corporations, in contrast to persons, do not have property exemptions pertaining to seizure for debt payment. Details about the corporation's functions and staff can be found at the Secretary of State's office in every state. Certain states will provide details about...

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