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Teaching your Children Financial Responsibility Teaching your Children Financial Responsibility might be one of the largest lessons you can give your children, at any age.
When a Claim Goes to Court Great article on what happens when your collection account goes to court.
Commercial Collection Agencies of America Addresses State Regulators our industry associations are hard at work educating the regulators that govern the collection industry.   Three cheers, this session highlighted the differences between commercial and consumer debt collection.   Keep on representing us!!
Commercial Collection Agencies of America Addresses State Regulators Commercial Collection Agencies of America participated in the annual conference of North American Collection Agency Regulatory Association (NACARA) last week in Seattle, Washington. The association was honored to present Collections: Commercial versus Consumer for state regulators from across the United States. Annette M. Waggoner, the Associations Executive Director collaborated with Sheryl Sailer, Investigator and Examiner with the North Dakota Department of Financial Inst...
Commercial Collection Agencies of America Gives Back Commercial Collection Agencies of America recently announced that through its initiative, Commercial Collection Agencies of America Gives Back, a portion of the proceeds of its recently held meeting in Marina del Rey, California has been given to the Emily Stillman Foundation.
New Education Tool in Production we are looking forward to this new video to help credit grantors formulate credit policies for their business.  A well-formulated credit policy reduces late & bno payments and creates a more positive debt collection experience.
The Balancing Act: Responsible Credit Usage or Debt Managing personal finances can be tricky. Between rising mortgage rates, student loans debt, and increasing credit card debt its no surprise Americans are racking up high debt levels.
6 Financial Habits to Establish as a Young Adult This has not been the best time for young adults (Millenials) to establish themselves.  Here are 6 financial habits to help establish yourself and your economic health.  Wed love it if we never had to call on you!
Tips for Buying a Foreclosed Home Someone elses misfortune could be your gain!  Tips on buying a foreclosed home.
The Nightmare of You: Why Authenticators Matter All those steps required to authenticate that you are really you   Even when we call a debtor, we need to confirm their identity.  Click to the article on why this is such a necessary procedure.
Can medical debt affect your credit? he Consumer Reports survey found that nearly one in five Americans has suffered a credit score drop related to unpaid medical bills.
Another Massive Credit Reporting Database Breached By Criminals Equifax isnt the only credit reporting service collecting massive data breach.. yet another criminal data breach at a credit reporting agency...
CannaBIZ Collects is The Largest Cannabis Collection Agency in the Nation CannaBIZ Collects is a full-service US-based Marijuana Collection. As if cannabis wasnt an odd enough new industry, collection in the cannabis industry - now thats progress!
Second Circuit Sides with CAC Financial on Reverse Avila Issue, Unpersuaded By Argument that ... A win for collectors, if collection notice does not specifically state that interest continues to accrue during collection, as long as the original debt had provision for interest, interest continues to accrue.
First Half of 2018 Sees Significant Decline in Publicly Announced or Publicly Filed Enforcement ... A significant decline in the number of enforcement actions in the first half of 2018, especially the Consumer Financial Protection Act (CFPA) and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)...
From the Web: Operation Choke Point Creates Precedent for Regulatory Abuse Documents show that powerful bank regulatory agencies engaged in an effort of intimidation and threats to put legal industries they dislike out of business by denying them access to the banking system...
Lawmakers and privacy rights groups spar over student loan debt solutions Student loan debt currently sits at about $1.5 trillion. Should we overturn a long-standing law blocking the federal government from collection student data?
In honor of the passing of a president.
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