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Welcome to the Florida Law Offices of Marcadis Singer PA.  Our attorney’s practice only commercial debt collection issues and subrogation litigation.  Throughout our almost thirty year history, we have provided legal counsel for clients across the state of Florida from Pensacola to the Florida Keys.  The attorneys at Marcadis Singer PA are prepared to handle your Florida debt collection claims and would be pleased to arrange a personal consultation with one of the partners to answer any questions you may have.

When you hire Marcadis Singer PA to handle your debt collection matter, you hire experienced attorneys, paralegals, collectors and administrative personnel who exclusively handle Florida collection law cases in every one of the 67 counties in the State of Florida.

In Florida the practice of collection law is challenging for a number of reasons. One, collection cases have to deal with the known limitations to Florida debt collection including Head of House wage exemptions, Joint property exemptions and Homestead exemptions.  Two, changes in the debt collection process and the collection legal process stemming from statewide and national requirements.  Currently, Marcadis Singer PA is dealing with the new regulatory issues brought upon the collection industry by the CFPB or the Consumer Finance Protection Board.  Additionally, the firm is adapting to the major changes in the filing process with the implementation of e-filing in the County Clerks offices throughout the state of Florida.  Because the practice of debt collection law is challenging and dynamic, you need a law firm that focuses everyday on meeting the needs of the client and meeting the requirements of the legal process. When you have a debt collection matter in Florida, you need to consult with Marcadis Singer PA.

Both of the firm’s partners, Ralph Marcadis and Gil Singer, have been practicing commercial/collection law in Florida throughout their legal careers.  You can be assured that they are knowledgeable in navigating the legal processes and understanding the limitations of the state of Florida but, more importantly, they are dedicated to protecting their clients interests, whether the end result is a negotiation for settlement or taking the claim to court.  Their reputation is based on their many years of practice and the many clients they have served.

When you are dealing with a debt that needs to be collected in Florida, we encourage you to consult with us to gain a thorough understanding of your options.  Feel free to call Marcadis Singer PA with your questions anytime.


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