Attorney for Debt Collection Agencies

Attorney for Debt Collection Agencies

When you have exhausted your options as a debt collection agency…

Commercial Collection agencies around the county and in Florida are limited in actions they can take to encourage debtors to pay or to settle their debt.  When collection agencies have exhausted their ability to collect a debt through phone calls and letters, they often call on Marcadis Singer PA for assistance.  Many of our clients are the nation’s largest and most experienced commercial debt collection agencies.  They engage our law firm when their efforts to collect a debt are not yielding the desired outcome.

When a Florida collection agency needs to escalate debt collection efforts, they need Marcadis Singer PA.  We are a law firm specializing in collection law. Our firm’s attorneys are specialists in collecting debts throughout the state of Florida.  Frequently, the collection for the claim will progress simply because the debtor hears from an attorney with both calls and letters.  Other times, it may require the lawyer to file suit, win a judgment or collect on the judgment.

If you are a collection agency in Florida and have cases where the debtor is dragging out the process of paying their debts, you likely will benefit from our legal assistance.  Marcadis Singer PA is a law firm that specializes in creditor’s rights cases and collection cases.  Whether you need for us to review your claim and provide prudent advice or need for us to continue the debt collection process, we are here to handle all your collection matters in Florida.

Most important, we understand the need to keep the collection agency fully updated as to the status of a claim in order for the commercial collection agency to report to their client.  At Marcadis Singer PA we respect and honor the triad system of Client-Agency-Lawyer which is the bedrock of the commercial collection agency business.

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