Finding Hidden Assets:

The financial circumstances associated with a divorce proceeding might be quite complex. It surely is not unusual for a husband or wife to conceal assets that might be up for debate. A search of assets of the party getting divorced is extremely important to be sure that every asset is known. Public enforcement organizations for child support are not outfitted to find mothers and fathers who circumvent their child support responsibilities. In many cases, the errant mother or father will try to conceal assets, therefore pleading incapacity to fulfill alimony or child support installments. In child support situations, when the errant mother or father is found, details about their income or any concealed assets needs to be passed on to the appropriate child support enforcement agency which could then make it possible for collection.

At the start of any successful debt collection process is a thorough search for hidden assets. This search can be used as a preliminary test for if the collection of the debt is worth the costs associated with collecting it. Marcadis Singer PA’s debt collection attorneys are skilled in all manner of consumer and commercial debt collection. It is important to have a professional debt collection attorney on hand to help navigate you through the challenging process of consumer or commercial debt collection.

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