Finding Hidden Assets

If perhaps you are thinking about putting money in a new business enterprise, taking on a new investor into a current business enterprise or considering a merger between corporations, it is crucial to carry out a comprehensive historical check on the person or company. This kind of examination also consists of a thorough search of assets. It is extremely important to perform a search for assets before filing suit against a person or corporation to know what assets or consistent income exist if a court orders a judgment (see below). The legal fees are not worth it to file a lawsuit against an individual or business that might not be able to pay out the amount ordered by the court. Additionally, it is essential to know what property or assets might be connected on an uncontested basis when a judgment is granted, assuming the suit was victorious.

As your collections attorney, we are dedicated to providing you with the most efficient and professional service possible. Marcadis Singer PA’s collections attorneys are experts in both commercial collections and consumer collections. Contact Marcadis Singer PA today to take back what is yours.

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