Finding Hidden Assets

Ways to start a search for hidden assets

The Initial Phase of Investigation – Before trying to find assets via public documents, it is very important to get the subject’s proper name together with their address. In certain local record’s queries, just a name is enough without requiring a home address. In the beginning, it is essential to figure out if the individual is who and what they report to be. It is important to determine not just where this person resides, but also where they work when interacting with a person. Additionally, it is worth it to get the names of loved ones due to the fact people often try to conceal assets will list them in a family member’s name. Documentation trails can be found should any major property be transferred, and this is where a deed transfer could be tracked via county files. According to federal law, every person is eligible for a single social security number. An SSN is only one of many “identifiers” which can be linked to an individual when developing a positive id. Others include DOB and home addresses.

The start of any good debt collection process involves a thorough search for hidden assets. A search for hidden assets must be completed even before seeking a judgment. This ensures that the claim is actually worth going after. Imagine if you were to pay all of the fees associated with collection only to find that the debtor is completely broke and can’t pay you back! Often times one of the best places to start your search is local. The following are records that are good places to start in descending order of importance;

  • Real Property Records
  • Corporation Records
  • UCC Filings
  • Court Records
  • Motor Vehicle Information
  • Divorce Proceedings Records
  • Probate records

At Marcadis Singer PA our debt collection attorneys know how to navigate the complicated maze of regulations that change from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Our incredible reputation and great record with our clients is a testament to our ability to collect on bad debt portfolios. Our collections firm deals with both consumer debt and commercial debt so no matter who owes you money, we can take care of it. Contact Marcadis Singer PA today to take back what is owed to you.

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