Finding Hidden Assets

Finding Hidden Assets

There are times when a debtor owes monies, and you, as the collector, may need help finding hidden assets.  What happens if unbeknownst to you that person is deceased? To help determine if and when the debtor has passed away, the Social Security Administration’s National Death Index may be able to provide this information.  To determine if a probate estate has been filed, the first place to search is the county or state in which the person may have passed away. County courthouse databases provide information with regards to estates that have entered into probate. A debt collection attorney may be able to help you in finding hidden assets of a debtor who is deceased.

When a debtor fails to pay on a debt, finding hidden assets may help you to recover some of the money owed to you.  Enlisting a debt collection attorney, such as those at Marcadis Singer, PA, can help you to find those hidden assets. Through various strategies, such as that of utilizing the National Death Index, the attorneys at Marcadis Singer, PA use their years of experience to help you to collect your debt.  Specializing in both commercial and consumer collections, their attorneys do more than just a cursory glance at the assets of the debtor. They dig deeper to discover those assets that can be used toward recovering what the debtor owes to you.

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