Leveraging Receivables Management

Factoring Accounts Receivables

You put out cash flow to acquire and pay for goods and services, and your customers or clients expect payment terms. Sometimes the gap between when you pay your vendors, and your client’s pay you is simply too long. There are factoring companies that will buy your receivables for a discount. It may not be inexpensive, but American businesses drive on cash flow.

Things can be tight between payments is too long for Florida businesses. When this happens, you can sell your accounts receivables at a discount in order to generate instant cashflow. While this option does not give you much in the way of an ROI, even selling a small amount of bad debt can generate the income required to make it to the next payment. Another option is to donate the debt to a non-profit to receive a tax break, while this may not generate instant relief, it might net you more income.

At Marcadis SInger PA our experience in buying bad debt portfolios is unmatched. We understand the needs of businesses that are struggling with their accounts receivables and turn this understanding into immediate cashflow for your business. Contact us today to handle all of your debt collection needs.

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