What areas are most of the Debt Collection Industry working in?

Very interesting facts by the ACA International.

According to a 2015 study, there were over 12 Trillion Dollars in outstanding consumer debt, of which $672 Billion was at some stage of delinquency.  Editorializing, that’s a LOT of money not in our economy.  Money someone earned, that has not been paid.

The Big 4 in Debt Collection

  1. The Healthcare industry represents 37.9% of all consumer debt collections
  2. A distant second, Student Loans account for 25.2% of debt collection activity.
  3. Financial Services consume 12.9% of third-party debt collection activity.
  4. The government has been experimenting off and on for quite a while with third-party debt collection professionals – and they represent a 10% market share.

After the “Big 4”.  Retail, Telecommunications, Utility, and mortgage each represent between 2 & 3% of third-party debt collection efforts.

Marcadis Singer PA is predominantly involved in Consumer and Business to Business debt collection (also known as Commercial Debt Collection).  

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