In the US there are over 4,300 jurisdictions that maintain records which are helpful to those looking to uncover assets. Many of these jurisdictions are at the county or city level, and each one establishes its own policies regulating public access. These records are the foundation for any search for assets.

The list below is the jurisdictions where you can get the kind of info available:

  • County Assessor’s Office
  • County Records Office
  • Property information and deeds
  • State Vital Statistics Office
  • Vital stats
  • probate files
  • divorce proceedings facts
  • Real property appraised value details
  • Secretary of State’s Office
  • Corporation documents
  • UCC filings
  • County Court Records
  • Personal and business bankruptcy liens
  • judgments
  • business licensing
  • State Motor Vehicle Division
  • Motor vehicle details.

Refer to Information to become acquainted with a variety of resources and what exactly is obtainable in local, county, state, and national records. Check these documents on your own by looking at Court Records, State Records and National Records in the Directory field if you are attempting to perform your own search.

As debt collection attorneys, Marcadis Singer PA has access to very efficient tools to assist in tracking down hidden assets and debtors.    If the process has frustrated you, give us a call, let’s see how we can help.

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