Colleges where students have the most debt.

As those of you that follow our blog know, college debt is a topic that we are very close to.  Today we feature the top 10 schools where students graduate with the most debt.  Most surprisingly to us was #1, a Music College.  We’d have expected one of the business schools.  Surprisingly, Harvard and Yale and Princeton didn’t even make the list.  Most uncomfortable for us, in FLorida was Everglades University, with not one, but 3 listings in the top 10.

  1. Berklee College of Music: $86,262
  2. Molloy College: $62,744
  3. Everglades University – Sarasota: $59,699
  4. National University: $52,986
  5. Everglades University – Boca Raton: $52,166
  6. Grambling State University: $51,887
  7. Everglades University – Maitland: $50,999
  8. Charlotte Christian College and Theological Seminary: $50,033
  9. Wesleyan College (Georgia): $48,460
  10. Stevens Institute of Technology: $48,244





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