As Debt Collection Attorneys in Florida, we see many people making a valiant effort to clear off their debt to improve their credit score.   A high score can get you better insurance rates, easier mortgage approvals, smaller down payments and a host of other very real advantages that ultimately put more money back in your pockets.

The first step to good credit is obviously to show a strong payment history.  If you’ve fallen behind, and are working with our debt collection attorneys, now is the time to work incredibly hard at getting run away debt out of control.

Once that has been done here are the next steps.

1.  Get a new credit card
nearly a third of your credit score is based on you credit utilization.  The amount of credit you use compared to the amount of credit available.   Industry experts suggest keeping your credit utilization scores below 30%.  Opening a new line of credit, and moving your debt around, BUT NOT increasing your total debt, will create a lower credit utilization score.

2.  Always monitor your credit score online.
This goes without saying, and there are many ways to get your credit score free, or for very little cost.  The bottom line is you can’t improve something if you don’t know where you are starting from.

3.  Take on a new loan.
A tenth of your score is based on the types of accounts you have.   If all your debt is in credit cards, and none in a car loan, this does not appear to be reasonable use of credit.  When you shop new credit types, be sure to shop carefully, and don’t fall in the trap of adding very expensive debt.

Monitoring and paying attention to your credit has tremendous advantages to you, not the least of which is saving you money.  If you have been contacted by one of our attorneys or debt collectors, now is the time to start taking control of your financial future.

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