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Marcadis Singer PA works hand in hand with corporate counsel on all collections matters.   In-house Corporate Counsel partnering with our creditors’ rights firm for collections matters is a perfect combination of resources.   In-house Counsel often drives matters to the point where there is a judgment in place, however, collections are rarely in “your wheelhouse”.   This is where partnering with outside counsel makes sense.  Our law firm is dedicated to collections matters and creditors rights.  It’s a great match!

Our attorneys have served as “outside general counsel” and as partners with in-house counsel for many years. Additionally, many of our firm’s attorneys have practical experience serving as in-house counsel themselves. Because of this, we fully grasp the special complexities inside legal department staff have to deal with and we recognize that our support to in-house counsel needs to be flawless and completely blended with the client’s company to ensure that, essentially, we turn into an expansion of the client’s legal division.

The goal of Marcadis Singer PA is to offer our clients effective counseling as well as guiding them through a detailed knowledge of the collections process. A business counselor is a role that our attorneys often fulfill not only to our internal counsel “clients” as well as to their “internal clients”.

Our Outside Special Counsel Role

On occasion, companies realize that they require legal assistance on a wider, more frequent timeframe than the standard outside attorney association can offer. Therefore, attorneys at Marcadis Singer PA have functioned as special counsel for valued clients throughout a spike of activity, changes in staff or with a unique project. In such a position, we help support the client’s current inside legal team effortlessly. We offer outside special counsel solutions, giving our clients amazing versatility in the kind of structure most suitable for their demands, such as:

  • Judgment collections
  • Creditor representation in bankruptcy
  • SkipTracing
  • Commercial Collections
  • Retail Collections
  • Insurance Subrogation

We are aware that, to give good results in our role, we must be acquainted with our client’s business, be quick to respond and be readily available. The nature of our role with in-house counsel can take many forms.   In some cases we might function predominantly as an adviser to the company leadership and/or to internal counsel, navigating the complexities of collections law and process. In other instances, we might deal directly with staff all through the client’s company.  At times, it may also be appropriate for corporate counsel to adopt a “hands off” stance, and remove their enterprise from the direct dealings with a debtor, and leave Marcadis Singer PA as the only face in the transaction.

We have discovered that our clients see the value our attorneys provide in this special counsel position because:

  • We cultivate a full comprehension of the client’s business and make use of that knowledge to enable the client to manage risk (legal and otherwise) in a practical and cost-effective manner;
  • We assist with the coordination of the client’s collection related legal affairs and provide a deeper understanding of the client’s business to all legal issues; and
  • We have practical experience in conducting creditors’ rights matters in Florida, and beyond, through our deep relationships with other creditors’ rights attorneys across the country and internationally. We work seamlessly with local counsel in these kinds of affairs. We have important relationships with attorneys in several different jurisdictions, which we are able to take advantage of for the benefit of our clients.

When crafting our eternal/internal counsel relationship, we will be ready to accept setting up an alternate cost structure to offer legal advice and provide assistance in specific collection related matters on an as-needed basis.

Occasionally, external/internal counsel relationships may include a set charge for a specified scope of work. Such alternative billing structures are created to produce predictability for money management and offer a client’s legal and managerial staff with access to legal advice without issues in relation to costs for separate projects.

A few examples outlined below shows where Marcadis Singer PA provided an excellent service as outside special counsel for our valued clientele:

  • A few examples, real or otherwise of the type cases you would take on for corporate counsel.
  • A few examples, real or otherwise of the type cases you would take on for corporate counsel.
  • A few examples, real or otherwise of the type cases you would take on for corporate counsel.
  • A few examples, real or otherwise of the type cases you would take on for corporate counsel.

Association of Corporate Counsel

Marcadis Singer supports the Tampa Bay Chapter of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) (https://www.acc.com/chapters/chaptersbystate.cfm ). (KEEP IF YOU ARE GOING TO JOIN, OTHERWISE TOSS)

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