Use a Writ of Replevin to Recover Property

Overview of Replevin

Replevin suits are relatively common and generally fall into two types of procedures or actions:

  • The party who filed a replevin suit is willing to wait for a decision of adjudication of final rights.
  • The creditor is seeking immediate recovery of property being held. In this case, the creditor is usually required to post bond to protect the defendant from unjustified confinement of the property that the creditor is seeking to recover.

A replevin proceeding can be an effective remedy to pressure someone who is wrongfully holding property to quickly settle the dispute and return what is not lawfully theirs to hold.

Following the filing of a replevin suit, the individual who is holding the property is barred from using it while the case is pending trial. Additionally, should a defendant damage or destroy the property being disputed, they may face contempt of court charges and be forced to pay monetary damages to the plaintiff depending on the state.


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Use a Writ of Replevin to Recover Property – 2nd in a Series

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