Walter Cavanagh has obtained 1,497 credit cards. He says his collection started off as a bet with friends, but since then, he’s earned Guinness World Record’s “Mr. Plastic Fantastic.” Cavanagh reports that within his nearly 2,000 credit card, only one is used, and used responsibly at that. The rest of the 1,476 cards are set on a spending budget, with the lowest spending amount $50.00. Only spending on one card that gets paid off monthly, Walter’s credit score is “nearly perfect.”
To put this more into perspective, the average card holder only holds no more than two cards and collects $15,000 in credit card debt. Mr. Cavanagh holds 1,497 credit cards, and only uses one of them. All together, his credit cards amount to $1.7 million in credit.
Although owning over 1,000 credit cards can sound excessive, it helps build Cavanagh’s credit. However, if you’re planning on using his credit strategy, remember that multiple credit cards are not to be purchased in a short amount of time, this can make your credit score go down. When using multiple cards, your utilization ratio should be kept at 10% of your overall spending limit. A utilization ratio is the comparison between your credit balance and spending limit.
By owning 1,497 credit cards, only using one, and paying it off monthly, Walter Cavanagh seems to be doing everything right when it comes to his credit score. It’s hard to believe that a man with so much credit can look after it all, and maintain a good credit score, but Walter Cavanagh is here to prove that it can be done.

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