The Debt Collection from the Collector’s Perspective – What Can You Expect From A Reputable Debt Collector?

While many debt collectors have earned a bad reputation for consumer harassment, it’s unfair to tile them with the same brush. A reputable debt collector is an individual, agency, or attorney who communicates with debtors in a manner that is fair, respectful, honest, and compliant. As a debtor, when you have completed a written request for verification of the debt in question (as per your legal rights), the collector responds with written notice of the amount you owe and ways you can pay it. They will pause collection activities in the interim while debt can be verified. In the event that verification is not possible, the collection procedure will be terminated.

Marcadis Singer, PA is a creditors’ rights law firm, not a debt collection agency.  Often, if you have heard from Marcadis Singer, PA, that means that collections efforts from a debt collection agency have failed, and your account has been escalated to our law offices.

The credit bureau is notified that the debt is disputed, and the debt collector may request that it is dismissed from the alleged debtor’s credit report. If the collector has been hired by a creditor, they will notify the creditor that the debt cannot be verified, and collection action has ceased.

Reputable debt collector will also take into consideration certain time thresholds.

Such examples might be neglecting to report a debt that is more than seven years old, or not actioning a debt validation letter within five days of the first contact with the debtor. They maintain stringent records so innocent people are not unnecessarily harassed.

In the situation you have received contact in response to debt that is the cause of identity theft, they will investigate your claim.10 A reputable debt collector will not try to sue you for debts that are exempt from the statute of limitations. They will not harass or threaten, or act indiscriminately against your race, sex, age, or other attributes. They will not publicize any debt you owe or try to deceive you as a way to collect a debt. They will not pretend to be law enforcement agents or threaten you with arrest.13 Their contact with you will be strictly between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.


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What Can You Expect From A Reputable Debt Collector?

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