Florida Debt Collection


Florida Debt Collection Attorney Ralph Marcadis

Sometimes even with a court order in hand you still can not collect on a debt. Florida debt collection may be something you need a professional service to enforce. Collecting on a debt can be as hard or as easy as you choose it to be.

It can be very difficult to run your business and worry about collecting money that is owed to your company. It really comes down to a time factor. Florida is one of the most consumer friendly states in the union which means that if you need to collect a debt there are very strict guidelines and rules that you must follow or you risk losing your ability to collect the debt.

The Proper Procedures

There are some very effective ways that you can collect a debt that is owed that fits in with the strict guidelines of Florida debt collection. Utilizing the proper procedures will allow you to collect the money that is owed to you and insure that you are within the law.

Staying within the law AND getting your money is possible when you are using an agency that knows how to get your money by:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Property seizure
  • File a claim as a debtor in a bankruptcy action.

The above are only a small list of potential remedies to enforce a court ordered debt collection. The procedures above are very affordable ways to collect your debts.

Finding the Time

Each of the aforementioned do take time. Time invested to start the process and time invested to make sure that you get your debts collected. The importance of finding a business that can help you with your collection activities is very clear.

Besides the time that you will have to invest it is also difficult to walk the line between being able to collect your debt and making sure that you stay within the law. It can be very hard to understand the legal ramifications of proper Florida debt collection processes.

With the right experience Florida debt collection is very possible instead of almost impossible if you do not have the right experience.  The right experience will allow you to quickly collect your debt without fear of stepping over the bounds.

You do not have to find the time to collect on your legitimate debts, you can easily have a professional firm do it for you. The process is fast and simple when you have a firm that you can depend on to get results.

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