Just when you think you’ve heard it all, we ran across this hilarious story of an unorthodox debt collection technique in Nigeria.

Nigerian Businessman Chief Peter Nwadozie was owed money by a top politician, Nicholas Ukachukw, in Abuja Nigeria.   After multiple attempts to get paid, Peter went to the mans house, stripped naked, and began hurling insults at  the politician.

Peter also threatened to drag him to their village shrine if he did not pay his bill.

Apparently, unorthodox though it may be, calling out and publicly embarrassing the official worked, as Chief Nwadozie was called by Ukachukw’s family members to make arrangements to fully pay the debt.

I wonder what the FDCPA would say about this public debt shaming?


We couldn’t even begin to make this one up!  Photo’s are from facebook recording the incident, and also show the Chief, satisfied, at home with his wife.


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