Credit reports help improve your debt.
Unlimited Free Credit Reports with no Catch

You have seen us blog fairly regularly on the importance of knowing your credit score.

Check your credit score.

You can get one credit score a year for free.

But, every time you get your “free credit score” you are enticed into a credit monitoring service that is expensive, or that you sign up for, planning to quit as soon as you get what you need.

You can check your credit every single week.  If any of your accounts are ever turned over to debt collection, you will be the first to know.  The best way to manage your creditworthiness, is to know where you stand at all times.

There is a healthy business model out there of getting people to sign up for expensive subscription services to monitor your credit score, which charges the very people that can’t afford it every month!

Enter Google and Credit Karma.   Credit Karma is an interesting story because with Google’s financial backing they offer free unlimited credit reports AND credit scores.  That’s right, you don’t pay a thing.   Google backed Credit Karma of course uses aggregate information about your credit profile to throw you some very enticing ads, but the truth is, Google already knows more about you than your cousins do, and you can always say no to an ad.

Something worth checking out.  Free unlimited Credit Reports and Scores, but it does mean that the Google Powerhouse will have one more level of knowledge about you and your credit worthiness.

Check them out at

There’s a great review of the service on Forbes at

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