Understanding Florida

A significant number of our clients are owed money in Florida, but are not FROM Florida.  As one of Florida’s Largest Debt Collection Attorneys, we are frequently called on to collect debts from people that have moved here from another state,  of to help “out of state” attorneys, to recover debts for their clients where the debtor is in Florida.  We often are involved with domestication of a foreign judgment.

One thing we have found is that to most of our clients, Florida is identified as “the beach” and “great weather”.  We thought that it may help to give a running overview of  Florida as a whole, and the 8 regions or sub economies that make up the sate.

Florida Debt Collection Attorneys

4th in the Country

At a hight level overview looking at Florida as a  state, We are the 4th largest population in the US  (19.55 Million).   Correspondingly, we also have the fourth largest workforce in the US with 9.4 Million people in the workforce.   Our GDP, or Gross Domestic Product  is also fourth in the US at $800.5 Billion.

Florida’s  Total Personal Income is fourth highest in the US, and first in the southeast at $835.4 Billion.

Per-capita Personal income is  $41,692, the highest in the southeast.

Our Effective Buying Income per household is $37,583,  across 7,745,850 households.

The Florida Retail industry is $271 Billion dollar industry.

Yes there’s also Beaches and Great Weather!

This data comes from excellent article in Florida Trend Magazine.  You can find the original, and very enlightening article here


Florida is a peninsula shaped a little like a handgun pointing down, with the pistol grip being the Panhandle home to Pensacola where we border Georgia and Alabama in the North West,  and the Tip of the Barrel being the Homestead are just before you jump off the mainland United States and head towards the Keys.

This is an exciting and extremely diverse state with mining, agriculture, tourism, military, information technology, import/export, transportation, and a host of other very significant business types driving our economy.

If ever you require the debt collection services of a Florida based Debt Collection and Creditor’s Rights attorney, please reach out to us.  We are Marcadis Singer, PA, one of the state’s largest and most successful Debt Collection Attorneys.


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