Understanding Collection Agency Rates

A reputable collection agency will be able to help if you are a business owner who needs to collect outstanding debt. But, before choosing one, you should do a bit of homework. The fees collection agencies charge can vary significantly.
It is usually more difficult to collect a debt the longer it has been past-due. As a result, the debt collection agency will charge higher fees in those cases.

How Much Did You Say?

It is very important here to state that we are discussing industry fees in general.  We are not discussing Marcadis Singer Fees for debt collection specifically.   Some collection fees can be as high as 50%. Some might charge 35% for accounts past 90 days due and some might charge 50% for a similar account. Fees will vary for the amount owed, how long it is overdue as well as how the case was handled by previous agencies.

It might surprise you that collection agency rates can be as high as 50%. As a business owner, you will have to decide if it is worth the time and effort to try recovering delinquent debts. It might be more about the satisfaction you get from collecting what is yours by right and a high fee might be worth it.  If you truly have been unable to recover the debt on your own, occasionally it’s “something is better than nothing” that rules the day.  Depending on the circumstances, the fees might feel negligible next to what the actual debt recovery amounts to.

We are discussing industry rates in general, not debt collection fees specific to Marcadis Singer, PA.  Our fees may vary depending on the type action, delinquency of debt, whether it is a single small debt, or a portfolio with thousands of debtors, and a host of other variables.   We suggest that you contact us, and open a discussion about your collection needs.

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