We braced for it, went through it, and are now on the other side.

To all of our clients from out of state, our offices are open, and were open throughout the Tropical Storm Colin event.

Colin was the earliest ever C storm in the Atlantic, at least for as long as records have been kept.  By C storm, what the meteorologists mean is the third storm of the hurricane season, and therefor the storm named with the third letter of the alphabet  –  C.

OUr Tampa Debt Collection office remained dry, however there was significant flooding in the area.  We’d like to tip our hats, and say thankyou to all of the dedicated staff and legal partners that braved the weather to come to the office and continue to serve our clients.  What a great and dedicated team we have.  Thank You.

It never ceases to surprise us somehow, that we live and work in an area that is subject to tropical weather, and yet our infrastructure appears unprepared to handle these events.   It is not a surprise that we have a tropical storm arrive on our shores, and we know that these storms are huge rain events.   Its a bit frustrating that our infrastructure floods after only a few inches of rain.  Widespread flooding from a poorly organized storm is a precursor to the day when a hurricane visits our area again, and there’s no doubt, it will happen.

We would urge anyone local to Tampa to start talking to their elected officials about improving our infrastructure to handle these events.

In the meantime, thank you again to our staff that made it in, to the first responders that kept us safe, to the power companies that managed to restore power to the few thousand people that were without power.

THe Debt Collection Attorneys at Marcadis Singer are open for business, and we appreciate our clients that manage to keep us actively engaged.


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