Florida Supreme Court Declines review of traffic camera ticket challenge

Traffic Camera TicketsIt isn’t debt collection, but it is certainly relevant, especially for those of us that live with traffic cameras in our Florida city.

The Florida Supreme court declined to hear the case of a Hollywood man disputing a traffic ticket for jurisdictional reason, not for reasons of merit of the case.

The heart of the issue is that camera photo’s are sent to a third party for review, when offenses are found, the third party sends the photos to the local police, who then generates the traffic citation.

The argument is that this is an improper delegation of police powers.  At the moment it appears that this argument is winning in the courts.  It would not surprise us, with the millions of dollars in fines at stake, to see this issue get escalated much higher in the courts before it gets put to rest.

We won’t speak to the legal merit of the argument, it isn’t our area of expertise.  However on a personal level, as we travel through so many cities going to court representing creditors across Florida, we can’t say that we will be disappointed if the cameras go away.




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