Tips for Collecting Debt – Part 2

Call Weekly

The phone is your friend when it comes to debt collection.  Statistically, you are 10 times more likely to engage those that are past due by phone, than by letter.   Again – using the phone is TEN TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE than the mail.

We’d like to put up some cautionary notes here for you.  Do not abandon the mail.  The Florida Commercial Code only recognizes mail for legal delivery of documents.  US Mail, especially registered mail, has its place if you need to prove in court that specific notices have been delivered.   Also note the frequency.  WEEKLY.   Over zealous, or uninformed, debt collectors will often call repeatedly during the day, every day.   This opens up an opportunity for the debtor to cry foul play, and try to get out of their debt under the guise of FDCPA abuses.   If the debtor doesn’t answer, calling a dozen times a day, every day, may end up with you losing the ability to collect a debt.   It appears that weekly is a good frequency to avoid any claims of harassment.   Every day, multiple times a day, only beats in the habit of not answering.  When your number shows up on caller ID, you want to avoid the reflex action of ignoring the debtor simply avoiding the call.

Get on the phone EARLY in the collections process.  RIght at 30 days, be professional, be polite, do not harass, call often, but don’t carpet bomb.



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