How do you pay down a credit card balance and avoid the debt collector?  Your preference is to do it fast, with little interest, and not by hurting your credit. You can achieve this in a 2-step method. Read along and be on the road of a debt free credit card.
Step 1. Stop the interest charges 
    This is done by finding a card that offers you a long “0% intro APR balance transfer” promotion. What you’ll need to do after that is transfer your balance over to this card. This type of card will offer you (usually) an 18 month time period where you do not have to pay interest on your balances.
Step 2. Make the same payments
    What you do now is simple-capitalize. Essentially, just make the same payments you made before when you did pay interest.
These two steps are not only easy, but worth it if you want to break free of credit card debt. Your credit will likely not be hurt by this, and you’ll enter a peaceful time period where credit card interest virtually won’t exist to you.
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