The debt collection business is generally seen in a negative light with the sense that it is an agency out to punish.

So, if a debt collection agency has contacted you recently for the first time with regards to outstanding payments, it is natural to be anxious and uncertain.

Marcadis Singer, PA is a creditors’ rights law firm, not a debt collection agency.

Often, if you have heard from us, that means that collections efforts from a debt collection agency have failed, and your account has been escalated to our law offices.

However, understanding the business will allow you to handle the experience with more consideration and awareness. This article engages with a debt collectors’ perspective so that it is possible to understand the collection process from their angle. In effect, this allows you to be more aware and perceptive of the debt collection procedure, making it less daunting, stressful, and far smoother all-round.


  • Debt collectors come in all shapes and sizes; some work independently or for an agency, and some are qualified attorneys.
  • Debt collectors are paid when they resolve an outstanding payment account.
  • Sometimes settlement negotiations between collection agencies and debtors occur. The debtor usually agrees to pay less than what is owed.
  • COVID-19 has encouraged the implementation of new rules to protect consumers faced with debt problems.


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The Debt Collection From The Collector’s Perspective – Introduction

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