Tampa #3 for Job Seekers


The Great Recessions’ Impact

Throughout the two year course of the Great Recession, Tampa by itself lost 140,700 jobs. In effect of this, job seekers outnumbered job openings by a significant amount. One would expect that in order for structural unemployment to be a part of overall the unemployment, there would have to be a consistent number of labor shortages in some areas due to unsuitable applicants. But unfortunately this is not the case. Unemployed workers proved to significantly outnumber job openings in every sector. This meant that the main issue of the Great recession wasn’t the lack of correct workers, but instead the lack of jobs.

The Study

A WalletHub study expressed the rankings of the largest cities in order based on 13 different metrics. These metrics included industry variety, employer-provided health benefits, costs of living and job openings per capita. The organization of this list was based on the strength of the job markets within each city, as well as the greatest prospects for long term financial security within each job opening.
The WalletHub study shows that Tampa was ranked the number 3 best city for employment in the nation,  number 8 for best paid after the cost of living was taken into account, and number 9 for the most diverse industrial mix.
While Washington D.C. ranked number one on this list, two other Florida cities on the list included Jacksonville at number 35 and Miami at number 30.

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