Florida Debt Collection Attorneys Benefit from Improved Tampa & Florida Economies

Those of us that live and work here already recognized that Tampa is #1!   This time though, it’s Realtor.com that recognized Tampa Bay as the number one place people are moving to.Following a close second was Jacksonville Florida.  Orlando made # y on the list of best places to move.

Florida is the only state to earn 3 cities on the list of cities that people are flocking to.


This migration is attributed largely to affordable housing, and strong job markets.

The study goes on to note that a drop off in foreign buyers has impacted our friends to the south in Miami/Dade and Ft. Lauderdale.


The information used to compile the list comes from three sources.

  • Census Bureau migration data collected from 2009 to 2013 that tracked people’s moves in and out of metropolitan areas
  • The number of cross-metro moving requests on moving.com
  • Cross-metro search traffic on realtor.com

Of course, as Florida Debt Collection Attorneys, we stay very in touch with the changing economic health of the entire state, as there is a strong correlation between the economy’s health, and the success of collection efforts.   When Judgments have a life of 20 years, it pays to have a long memory, and a finger on the pulse of the economy.  Businesses and individuals that were hurting 10 years ago, and not worth the effort and expense of collecting on a judgment, may very well be ripe for contacting again with the changing economic tides.



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