Partner and founder Ralph Marcadis is at the NASP Annual Conference on Subrogation Eduction in Reno.

Can’t wait to hear the knowledge you have to bring back!


Check Out This Education Line Up!

  • The Implications of the Latest Wave of Automotive Technologies
  • “Tweeners” – Handling Intermediate
  • A Numbers Game: The Impact of Effective Cost Containment on Subrogation Recoveries
  • Seven Highly Effective Characteristics of the Subrogation Professional of the Future
  • Workers’ Compensation Subrogation – Arising Out of Accidents in the Restaurant and Food Industries – Advanced Settlement Strategies
  • Investigating and Litigating – Ventilation Fan Fire Claims Recovery Beyond Policy Limits – Thoughts on the Long-Term Approach
  • Building Code Required Improvements in Construction and Property Claims
  • Medicare Advantage Updates: Recent Case Law Expands MAO Private Cause of Action Under Secondary Payer Act and What it Means for Management From Humble Roots to Today & Beyond
  • Workers’ Comp – State-Specific Subrogation Coast to Coast Insured: Best Friend or Worst Enemy?
  • Product Liability – Absence of a Specific Defect Makes the Manufacturer Stronger – But Not Invincible
  • Auto Mediation: See How the Settlement Sausage is Made Property
  • Grain Storage Tank Failures: Design, Erection, Collapse and Damage Issues
  • Health – The Gold Rush: ERISA Analysis – Start to Finish
  • Managing Recoveries Through the Annual Cycle: From Budgets and Forecasts Through the 4Q Stretch
  • Workers’ Comp – How to Avoid Tripping Over Slip & Fall Claims Spot the Tortfeasor!
  • Product Liability Class Action Considerations in Subrogation Litigation
  • Auto – Uber and Transportation Network Companies – A 50-State Look at the Evolving Law and its Effect on Subro Recovery Property
  • The Evolution of “Your Work” Exclusion and Strategies for Keeping Your Subrogation Claim Out of its Grasp
  • Health Year in Review: Legal Challenges Affecting Health Plan Third Party Liability Recovery & What’s in Store for 2016
  • Management Exceptional Strengths-Based Performers (Part I)
  • Workers’ Comp Did You See That? The Science Behind Pedestrian Night Crossing
  • Accidents and Subrogation Releases, Indemnity Agreements and Confidentiality Clauses: How to Close Your Claim Without Creating a New One
  • Product Liability – Beware Thor’s Hammer – Hidden Hazards in Non-Metallic Cable Installations
  • Auto Recovery Opportunities in DWI Accidents
  • Property – Marine Fire Investigations
  • Health – What Keeps You Up at Night? Managing Your Health Subrogation Practice in Order to Avoid Those Sleepless Nights
  • Management Exceptional Strengths-Based Performers (Part II)
  • Workers’ Comp – Interrelationship Between Subrogation and Second Injury Recoveries in Workers’ Compensation
  • Geospatial Technology Applied to Subrogation Investigations
  • Product Liability – Spotting Subrogation Opportunitiesin the Failure of Glass, Ceramics and the Packaging of Glass Containers



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