This is one of the more interesting tidbits of Florida Judicial News.

Broward County Clerk of the Courts Howard Forman is suing the State of Florida for violation of Article V of the Florida Constitution.

“All funding for the offices of the clerks of the circuit and county courts performing court-related functions … shall be provided by adequate and appropriate filing fees for judicial proceedings and services and costs for performing court-related functions as required by general law.”

The lawsuit points out that collectively the Clerks of the Court for the state bring in over a Billion Dollars a year, but they receive back less than half that amount.   Mr Forman points out that while his Clerk of the Courts sends the State huge amounts of money, he is having to cut back on staff and facilities.


For a large clerk’s office like his, Forman requested $41.5 million but received $38.9 million from the Legislature. As a result, he said he had to fire 16 people, furlough all employees one day a month, close his offices an hour early at 3:30 p.m. every day and shutter all state Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle satellite offices.

It appears that since he is not running for re-election, he no longer is concerned about upsetting the Apple Cart.

While none of the other Clerks Offices have joined the suit yet, Forman appears ready to go it on his own because “its the right thing to do”.

We’ll be watching this one closely!

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