Recovering Hidden Assets – Part 1 of 8

The first step when evaluating whether to pursue a lawsuit is to decide if there is anything worth pursuing.

Before suing someone, you should investigate their assets to ensure that you gain something if you win. Taking someone to court is a waste of time and money if you don’t get anything in return. You’ll want to know what assets exist that you can attach after the judgment, and whether those assets are lien-free or uncontested.

If necessary, assets, wages, and income can be “”attached”” or “”garnished.””

First and foremost, you should learn about the person’s income and assets. He or she should be a property owner. To find out, go to the Appraiser’s office and the Registrar of Deeds in your county.

Be aware that to get a judgment, courts do not confirm the defendant’s possessions or properties. The defendant is ordered to give up these items once this information is obtained. A constable or deputy may be sent to retrieve these items on your behalf.

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