This comes to us from a debt collection friend “up north”  where a debtor explains their trip to a fortune teller, and why they are choosing to not pay their past due debt.

“I had my palm read, and she said  I had a very short lifeline.  So I figure why bother paying?  I mean, I’m going to die soon anyway.”

Debt Collection is an “interesting”   business, with a seemingly never ending bucket of stories.  The fact is, most debtors simply need the right handling to get their debts paid.  Very few deliberately set out to not pay.  Once you get lost in debt, it’s not easy to find a way out.  Our professional debt collectors work hard with debtors to see that your past due debt is on the top of the list to be paid, not lost in debt paralysis.   There are, of course, serious exceptions to this, and conventional debt collection process is of no use.  Marcadis Singer, PA is a full service debt collection attorney.  We will litigate your case in any court in the state of Florida to recover your debt.  While we believe in negotiation, and conversation, we are at heart litigators.

If you have uncollected business or personal debt, and are tired of the excuses, it’s time to give Marcadis Singer PA a call.  Its time to get paid.

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