We ran across an excellent article in Forbes Magazine on the impact of the new healthcare reform, and bad debt in hospitals.

The author of the article opines that the bad debt that is held by hospitals will not likely be positively impacted as a result of these reforms.

One of the most telling excerpts from the article is

Expect hospitals to become more aggressive regarding collection of potential bad debt. As a group healthcare providers are becoming more sophisticated at identifying those who can pay but won’t versus those who can’t pay but won’t fill out the paperwork. One hospital, for example, has set up an process that generates a financial assistance application for patients automatically, requiring them to nothing. One of the benefits is that the hospital can devote more resources to collecting fees from those who are able to pay.

The article speaks to a reality that we face as we collect debts for our clients.

There are those who simply “can’t” pay, and those who “won’t pay”   While wider health coverage will mean more people that are able to take advantage of healthcare, with deductibles, there will be more people receiving services, that are unable, or unwilling, to pay their share of the bill.

We expect to see more medical facilities outsourcing their debt, and outsourcing their debt sooner as these delinquencies increase.

Marcadis Singer PA, are attorneys focussing their practice on debt collection in Tampa and St. Petersburg, providing debt collection legal services for the entire state of Florida.

We expect to see an increase in demand for our services especially in major medical towns.   If you need a medical debt collection attorney in St Petersburg, please don’t hesitate to call us.   We also expect to see large increases in demand in Tampa/St. Petersburg, both of which are large medical towns.

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