Credit Card Debt has been one of the major influencers of the US Economy.

Credit Card Debt

There was a time when if you didn’t have a credit card, you weren’t anybody!

Oddly, it seems that advertising’s yesteryear spawned two massive lifestyle belief systems at about the same time, and we are glad to see both of them crumble.

The first was the notion that smoking tobacco was cool… the second was the inescapable need for a credit card.

The advent of the debit card, that functions like a credit card has gone a long way to making the lessening of the impact of the credit card a reality.  We would also like to think that it is simply a smarter consumer that realizes that minimum payments for hundreds of years are simply not worth the “bauble” of the moment.

Credit card holders have become more responsible about paying their debt.

  • Average Credit Card debt has declined nearly $500 to $3,573 since 2008.
  • 64% (AMAZING!) of credit card holders say that always or usually pay their full balance every month.  Never in history has that percentage been so high!
  • Almost 30% of American’s say they have no credit card.. if was 22% in 2008!

Credit cards have their place in our economic landscape, however we collect from far too many people that got caught up in credit card spending.  It is rewarding to see the American People become more responsible credit card holders.

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