What we are discussing here is going beyond the basics of an undergrad degree.

There are some very unsettling realities.

College Debt


  • 90% of students with over $100,000 in student loans were graduate students, or professional students.  (Department of Education)
  • Just over half of 2012 law graduates found relevant employment in the legal profession (American Bar Association)
  • National Science Foundation has documented a large drop in academic or teaching positions for doctorate holders.
  • Architecture Grads face unemployment rates equal to those that dropped out of high school (Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce)

For many, an advanced degree, pays.  Having a good idea of the actual job market, however, before spending $100,000 or more, in debt financing, is critical.  The degree does not create the job.  Make sure that the jobs are out there to support the college debt you will be accumulating.

If the jobs aren’t there, consider a lesser degree with less debt, or a degree in a more lucrative profession.

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