Military Credit Fraud

As if Serving our country was not enough to earn good Karma…

Our service members face disproportionately high divorce rates, lost custody, and lay down their lives for us every day.

Now a recent report shows that Military Members are at greater risk of identity theft than ever before, and tragically, the perpetrators are more and more frequently their own family members.

A military wife, and mother of veterans, Ellie Cay has authored a new book to help military families. The book is Heroes at Home, and can be found on  (just follow the link)

We would suggest that all members of the military take appropriate actions to monitor their credit while deployed. We mention again a free service from one of the companies owned by Google.   this gives you unlimited and free access to your credit report and credit score.   We might suggest staying away from the advertised offers.. We have had several report that the ads (which support the site) offer all types of indications about your ability to qualify for a loan. Minimizing debt is the answer, not creating more debt. None the less, this is an excellent site to monitor your credit rating as frequently as you want or need.

Few things upset us more as debt collection attorneys in Florida, than when we have to call on a service member that has served our country, to collect on a past due debt, and discovering that the debt is not theirs, that they have been the victim of credit fraud, and/or identity theft, especially at the hands of a family member.   We wish we could do more than simply issue a warning.

To our service men and women, it is totally wrong that you should face attack at home as well as on deployment.   Protect yourself, and come home to us safely.

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