Every once in a while, you run across an article that simply takes your breath away, and transports you back to another time.

I’d like to share this news article with you.


It speaks of a judges efforts to bring a landmark courthouse, the old Dade County Courthouse back to its former iconic stature.

Dade County Courthouse
The courthouse opened in 1928, and among other notorieties, has seen the likes of Al Capone tried in its hallowed halls.
Retired Judge, and practicing arbitrator, Scott Silverman has taken on the mission of bringing this institution back to its former glory.
When any of us attorney’s first look at practicing law, we did so with an eye back to those glory days.  After reading this article, I look forward to our next case in Miami, and will be making a stop by the old courthouse to rekindle the flames.
Thank you Judge Silverman, this is a noble effort for a magnificent institution.  You are an inspiration to the next generation of arbiters.
Nostalgia, it is an interesting thing as we look to the current machinations of the law machine.
Marcadis Singer, PA, are debt collection attorneys in Miami.

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