judgment collection

Registrations for Water Vessels and Aircrafts

If you can prove ownership by the debtor, the court is able to attach both boats and airplanes.

Imagine the slow burn of anger.  You lost money, you went to court, you invested even more money and then… you WON!  What you won is a piece of paper called a judgment, and everyone said, “Well that’s not worth the paper its written on!

Then, fast forward a few years, and the guy that hurt your business so badly by not paying their bills, and thumbed their nose at you across the negotiating table, is now flying his private plane to a tropical vacation, and you are still out your money!

Well, BURN NO MORE!  In Florida, your judgment collects interest and is enforceable for 10 years.  If we can find that jet, and prove who it belongs to – you just might finally be getting paid!



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