Lower Student Debt
There are ways to lower student debt.
If you can knock out some college credits in advance, do it, Dannenberg says. “It pays to pursue dual enrollment, advanced placement courses and so forth in order to limit the number of credits one might need to get a degree at the post-secondary level,” he says. “Right now, the average bachelor’s degree student completes (his or her) degree in five years, not four.”
In addition to dual enrollment and advanced placement classes, high school students also can take International Baccalaureate, or IB, and CLEP exams to score college credits at a heavily discounted rate. Another way to reduce the tuition blow is by researching transfer and articulation agreements that allow students to attend a cheaper two-year school for the first few years, then transfer to a pricier four-year institution.

“There are plenty of students who discover these arrangements and can not only minimize costs, but actually upgrade where they would end up graduating from,” says Nassirian from the American Association of State Colleges and Universities.
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College Debt is impacting the next generation’s ability to get and manage debt for housing, for cars, college debt is potentially one of the most destructive things we have done as a society for the next generation that will lead this country.
Please, explore your options, manage your debt wisely, avoid calls from debt collectors by being prudent!
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