“It takes as much imagination to create debt as to create income.”

-Leonard Orr

We’ve seen some very intelligent and creative effort put into creating more debt than a business, or an individual, can support.  Unfortunately, those debts usually end up in the hands of a debt collection attorney, like Marcadis Singer, PA down here in Florida.

Imagine for a moment, placing that imagination into creating income instead, forestalling the need for instant gratification, and instead plant seeds for long term financial security.

Of course, many of the debtors we deal with rely on the credit that was extended to them for the procurement of goods and services that make their businesses run, and debt is a necessary evil.   Not all debt is irresponsible, that is for certain.

What is also for certain, is that if you have extended credit to someone that for whatever reason is no longer able to pay back the money that they owe you, it might be time to deal with a professional debt collection attorney.  If your collection problem is in Florida, consider Marcadis Singer, PA.  We are among Florida’s oldest and largest legal firms whose practice is focussed on debt collection.

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