Client Won’t pay? Here’s what you need to do.

You finally finished your project for a demanding client, the invoice was sent and you are waiting for payment, you wait….and wait….and wait…and wait some more. This situation is fairly common.

In reality, everyone, from  attorneys  to self employed independent contractors, have challenges getting their money. Some clients have no problem paying late while others don’t pay at all. No government agencies exist that will help you get your money back. It is all on you to do whatever it takes to get your clients to pay.

Even worse, some clients are fully aware of this fact and they take full advantage of it. They know that self-employed individuals don’t possess the will or expertise to recoup their money. This kind of behavior is not ethical and you don’t have to accept it. A number of legal approaches are available for you to get payment from recalcitrant clients.


Marcadis Singer, PA, is a Florida based law firm dedicated to debt collection.  We work with attorneys that are owed money, as well as entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large financial institutions.  The entire focus of our practice, is recovering debt for our clients.  Call today for a consultation.

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