The holidays are some of the most busy, and costly times of the year. For Americans, it’s all or nothing, literally. Some holiday shoppers even go into debt just from Christmas shopping.

It’s been predicted that this year will be the year shoppers invest more money during the holiday season than any other year before. If you do happen to go into debt over Christmas preasents this year, the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance Consumer Affairs Division has some words of wisdom: be on the lookout for illegal debt collection agencies.
First and foremost, if you experience legal harassment through a debt collection agency, do not play into it.  Professional debt collectors, especially legitimate debt collection attorneys, are subject to a very strict code of conduct, and harassment is not in that code.  One of the tell tale signs that you are dealing with debt collection fraud, is the level of harassment.

Also pay attention to false statements; debt collectors are not to lie during any part of trying to collect a debt. Debt collectors are also not allowed to threaten you with legal action, arrest, or seizure for not paying a debt. On a similar note, if you are told to pay an additional fee or pay early, that is an unfair practice of debt collection and whoever you’re talking to is apart of an illegal debt collection agency.

If you experience any sort of harassment, false statements, or unfair practice during debt collection, file a complaint immediately. The holiday season is supposed to be joyous so don’t let debt collection ruin it for you- be aware and on the lookout for illegal agencies.


Marcadis Singer, PA are professional debt collection attorneys.  We conduct ourselves with professionalism and integrity, and cannot stand how others in our industry will take advantage of this coming holiday season.  Be careful, shop responsibly, take care of your debts, and have a blessed holiday season.

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