Finding Hidden Assets:

In many instances, individual assets could be concealed and not mentioned in a will. Prospective beneficiaries or those qualified for a claim against the estate need to do a hidden asset search.

Whatever is owned is a possible asset. Stocks and shares, bonds, real estate property, cash in the bank, vehicles, RVs, boats, planes along with home furnishings are potential assets. Individual assets are identified as either being real or personal property.

At Marcadis Singer PA our collection process and any good collection process starts with a thorough search for hidden assets. Without this search, you can not tell whether or not an account is worth collecting on. It would be a waste to go through with the arduous process of suing someone, only to find out that they have no money!

Marcadis Singer PA specializes in both consumer and commercial debt collection. Our expert collections attorneys understand that time is of the essence when collecting on a commercial debt and know that the first collection attorney to contact the debtor, has the highest probability of collecting. Contact Marcadis Singer PA to take back what is owed to you.

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