Yes, it was intended to be a pun, even if not a great one.. “intermodal.”.. “driving”.  Put simply, the Florida Intermodal Economy has become a nationwide example of how to do things right, has spurred job growth, and positively impacted our debt collection industry.

Florida Economy and Debt Collections bouyed by Growth of Intermodal Business.

The truth of the matter is Florida is uniquely positioned between rail, freight, air, and an incredible number of ports to be a massive transportation hub from the Caribbean, Central America and the Southern States.   Florida realized that as early as 2005 it adopted its first Strategic Intermodal System plan.  The plan is updated every 5 years, next December is our next update.


What this forward vision has done, is to have created multiple “Intermodal Hubs” places where multiple types of transportation converge.    An example of an intermodal hub is putting ocean freight together with rail and a major thoroughfare.


In 2011  Enterprise Florida added the industry of Logistics to its qualified Target Industry list giving that industry economic incentives.  In 2012 We adopted the Freight Plan  (Freight Mobility and trade Plan) with goals to increase the flow of trade inside, and through Florida, supporting more intermodal centers, more manufacturing and increasing the use of LP gas and natural gas.


Overall, Florida has become a nationwide leader in the movement of freight, and this has become a huge part of our economy.


The question of why should a debt collector be concerned?   People need to work to pay their bills.  We encourage anything our legistlature does to put Florida to work.    The more investment that is made in Florida’s Infrastructure, the more business in general is conducted creating hundreds if not thousands of spinofff businesses.    The law of numbers quite simply puts it that the more business transactions that occur, the more there will be defaults, and the greater the need for a professional to handle the management of collecting on those debts.


We see intermodal freight as a huge asset to the state, and the state’s economy.   Marcadis Singer, PA, as one of the states largest debt collection attorneys, is ready to support the greater needs for debt collection created by this additional commerce, and welcomes seeing Floridians’ back to work so that they are able to pay their bills.


Marcadis Singer, PA – we collect the money you are owed.


OH.. and here’s a great article on Florida’s Intermodal Past and Future.

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