Florida Exports are up 10.3% in August.


Add that to the news we recently blogged about with Florida’s Intermodal Economy on the rise, and we are looking at great recovery.

Any good debt collection attorney will keep a close eye on the local economies.  The better the economy, the more people are working and earning, and the more likely we are able to get debtors to pay past due debts.   The better the economy, the more business to business transaction, and the more business debt that needs to be collected.

When we see indicators like this we truly believe that we are better positioned than every to provide Debt Collection Legal Services in the State of Florida and are excited for the local economy, and the Florida Debt Collection Industry on the whole.


Export of manufactured goods are 77% of all state exports.  This shows a robust Florida Blue Collar manufacturing industry, representing $4.1 Billion in Just exports.


Its a great time to be in Florida

Debt Collection in Florida grows with economy

Florida Export Economy Growing Strong



For assistance in any debt collection matter that requires a debt collection attorney, please contact Marcadis Singer, PA.  We are one of the states largest and most productive debt collection attorneys.





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